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We understand that most people are very busy and have full time jobs, school, families, commutes and hardly any free time.

We designed this program so that you can work through it even if you’re hard pressed for time.

You don’t need to spend 8 hours a day working on this. I’m sure you have a job or class or another obligation you have you wondering if you have time for this. YOU DO! Sell at your pace and spend 30 minutes a day doing this. Once your ads are create you’ll just need to check on them every few days.

 Step inside my Facebook Ads Bundle and let’s make this happen, together.

A Desktop or Laptop

​A Business or Program You’re Passionate About

An Ad Budget of $200

1,000’s of Dollars

40 Hours a Week

4 Years of Experience

That’s all you need to get started creating your Facebook ads.

facebook page setup

Learn how to create your Facebook page for your business before we walk you through your business manager & Facebook ad account.

pixels & audience research

Next, we will cover pixel installation & audience research.

compelling ad copy

Last we will help you create a compelling ad copy like the one that led you here.

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In a matter of weeks you can be reaping the benefits of my course.

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why should you enroll?

The Price Is Going Up soon

Yes, the price of $297 is going up to $997 and doors will temporary close so we can focus on serving our new students. If you’d like to join us on the inside, you can do so here.

Save Time AND Money with your ads

If you’ve been keeping up with me for a while, waiting for the right time to go ‘all-in’ on learning about Facebook ads …This is it!

Passive Income is Important

In 2021 everyone is realizing you can make money online. All it takes is time, effort and patience so you can learn the tips it takes to see consistent results.

No Experience is Needed

You don’t need any experience to start advertising online. There’s no age or education requirements. Whether you’ve sold online before or never made a sale in your life you can use this course to maintain your income.

You Can Do This Worldwide

I have members all over the world. Some are in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, America, United Kingdom, all over Europe and South America. These are just few places my resources have reached.

You Could See Results This Week...

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success stories

Before Working With Me My Clients Suffered From…


Creating ads & spending too much money with no sales.


Targeting everyone in their ads and not doing audienceresearch.


Posting products online & seeing little to no sales.


Researching products and not finding reliable vendors.


Enrolling in online courses and not seeing the success they deserve.


Not seeing a profit even when they do make sales

Do you think all those 7 figure earners have zero strategy and plan when it comes to selling online? Even if they pay someone to do the hard work.

It’s time you get a plan too so you can be a 6-7 figure earner.

What we’ll cover:


Business Manager Walkthrough


Ad Account Creation


Pixel Installation Guide


Funnel Creation & Funnel Audits


Audience Research & Interests List


Optimizing Your Winning Campaigns


Custom Audiences & Lookalikes Audiences


3 Steps To A 6-Figure Ad Copy

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It’s possible that you’re making three common advertising mistakes that are costing you $1,000’s in ad spend.

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