I’m Kristole Perkins!

Your go-to marketing strategist, Facebook ads expert and author.

And I have the unique gift of easily spotting why you’re creating ads that go absolutely nowhere. Ya know, the ones that are causing you to miss out on establishing a real connection with potential consumers that could be dying to get their hands on what you offer and leave money on the table.

See, I know the way this goes all too well. But after my dropshipping business went from $0 to 6-figures in less than 60 days (woah) over five years ago, I realized that the key to having ads that converted at a high-level had little to do with great graphics and photos and everything to do with placing yourself in the shoes of your customer.

But just like everyone else, you too are missing the how-to to develop a custom strategy with the right formula to take your ads and your business from 0-100.

This is where I come in…

The days of making money manually are long gone.

Now, with my proven strategies, you can establish you’ll be on your way to your first 6 figure month.

Me and my team of experts have worked together for years to create a framework that works for any business. The most important step in creating ads is often skipped… connecting with your audience.


Your business makes sales on autopilot.

You didn’t have to sell, sell, sell...

Customers come to you and not the other way around.

You have a brand that consistently grows.

Think it’s impossible? It’s not!

the fun stuff

my core values

01 |  No clients left behind.

02 |  Treat your last call of the day like your first call of the day.

03 | Always give 100%.

04 |  Quality over quantity.

05 |  Don’t put a cap on your success.

06 | I’m nothing without my team.

get to know me

I’ve never hired a business coach. (self taught)

I got married at 20.

I’m lightly melanated but hella Black.

 I’m allergic to dogs but I have 3.

Are you ready to go from unseen to selling?

You’ve struggled to scale a business that no one knew you had for way too long – let’s fix that.

It’s time you go from creating overpriced ads that keep you hidden in these internet streets and stagnant in your sales goals to ads that provide dynamic exposure to your brand and a custom strategy that connects you to your audience.

Market To ProfitMembership

Get exclusive access to weekly zoom meetings where you have the space connect while gaining valuable resources and tools to maximize your advertising and marketing strategies and learn how to create high-quality converting ads.

Done For You Ad Services

Go from struggle to stress-free with this hands-on service that allows me to get up close and personal with your current process of creating ads.

Facebook AdsBlueprint

Elevate your business with my online self-paced course with workbook included. On the inside, you’ll gain exclusive access to a community of members looking to share experience and give you feedback.

success stories

It’s possible that you’re making three common advertising mistakes that are costing you $1,000’s in ad spend.

Stop running your bank account dry and missing out on connecting with the right audience with our Ads Cheat Sheet.