You’ve Been Self-conscious About Your Ads Too Long. I teachentrepreneurs to create ads that sell because being seen isn’t enough.

You’ve been going back and forth about what’s missing in order to connect but can’t seem to figure out what type of ads you should be creating and what audience you need to be targeting…

If you’re reading this you’re probably spending $1,000’s on ads just like I did….

With my profitable strategy, my clients have been able to consistently hit monthly sales goals and scale their businesses from 0 to 6 figures and beyond. I want to help you do the same.

With my expertise and experience you’ll connect your business with customers and clients who…

…want to work with you and are happy to buy from you. You have a brand that deserves to be seen and products that need to be sold but you lack the tools to reach your customers.

Let me give you those tools!

I’m Kristole Perkins!

And I have the unique gift of easily spotting why you’re creating ads that go absolutely nowhere. Ya know, the ones that are causing you to miss out on establishing a real connection with potential consumers that could be dying to get their hands on what you offer and leave money on the table.

See, I know the way this goes all too well. But after my dropshipping business went from $0 to 6-figures in less than 60 days (whoa!) over five years ago, I realized that the key to having ads that converted at a high-level had little to do with great graphics and photos and everything to do with placing yourself in the shoes of your customer.

but just like everyone else…

 you too are missing the how-to to develop a custom strategy with the right formula to take your ads and your business from 0 to 100.


Weekly Masterminds With Me:

We have weekly recorded masterminds that are uploaded to the membership area.

Intense Audience Research:

The difference between a winning ads and a failing ad is your audienceresearch.

Complete Website & Social Media Auditing:

I will look over your website, Facebook, Instagram, and more to ensure you have the BEST content and copy.

Personal & Business Goal Setting:

At the beginning of every month we set intentions and goals for the month to be sure you’re always on track.

Marketing & Advertising Pre-Launch Strategies:

Even if you haven’t launched your business yet you still need to take the correct steps to have a successful launch. We will also go over marketing strategies and tips for your pre-launch.

Bonus Lessons:

These lessons include masterminds from our copywriter, graphics designer, web designer, social media manager and more!

Ready to connect with a supportive community of entrepreneurs that were once in your shoes?

If you’ve lost your confidence when creating ads for your business, you’re not alone. Connect with other soloproneurs and entrepreneurs that have struggled to choose the right graphics, audience or ad copy.

Content Planning

Having trouble thinking of new and unique content to create each day?


Access to 90+ days worth of high-quality content.


Editable calendar that you can copy and use for yourself.


Weekly masterminds with me so you can get 1 on 1 help with content that sells.


Save hours of your time each week with this powerful content calendar.


Book an intensive with our copywriter or referred business coach.

Weekly Masterminds

Intense audience research and live ad development with me each week. The biggest difference in my program is the 1 on 1 help you have access to.


Join live meeting and get direct help from me.


Facebook ads guidance - graphics, ad copies, and audience examples


Can't make it? Submit your questions so you can still get LIVE answers!

Email Marketing

Need an extra hand creating your emails? (Or want to outsource this to our social media manager?)

Let me help you with sharing the link to the exact emails I use to bring in 5 figures per month with emails.


What do I even say in this sales email?


What’s the strategy behind writing each funnel?


How do I transition to the sale?


Will my audience resonate with this?

frequently asked questions

Is this right for me?

If you are looking to join a community of supportive members and really build a brand then yes. I created Market 2 Profit to build a community.

Is this a monthly membership or one-time purchase?

This is a membership that costs $97 and there is a one-time sign-up fee of $147.

When do I get access to the files and membership area?

You’ll receive an email after your purchase with the next steps to access your membership and how to access the member’s area.

Is this for Instagram or Facebook?

Both! Facebook owns Instagram but you can choose if you want your ads published on Facebook, Instagram, or both.

Is this for service based or product based businesses?

Both! We cover both lead generation and conversion ads. We’ll cover how to build your email list and how to bring in sales.

What if my ads never make sales?

I can’t guarantee anything but you will absolutely be satisfied with my program. I am that confident.

What if I decide this isn't for me?

Unfortunately, all sales are final but if you decide to take a break you can cancel at any time and come back. You’ll have to pay another entry fee when you do.

What if I need help from a professional?

You are in luck! I already have to resources to connect you with the business professionals you need. Just let me know in an email, dm, or during our mastermind.

Reserve Your Spot Before Enrollment Ends 


Live Masterminds Every Week


Intense Audience Research


Complete Website Auditing


Complete Sales Page Auditing


90-Minute Copywriter Intensive


SMS & Email Marketing


Personal/Business Goal Setting


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It’s possible that you’re making three common advertising mistakes that are costing you $1,000’s in ad spend.

Stop running your bank account dry and missing out on connecting with the right audience with our Ads Cheat Sheet.